The Friday Roundup – Sony and Nikon 4K, Audio Tips and YouTube Stars

The Friday Roundup – Sony and Nikon 4K, Audio Tips and YouTube Stars

Friday RoundupWell this week we have all sorts of stuff to get through so with no further ado here’s the Friday Video Editing Roundup!

The convenience and immediacy of having smartphones and iPhones that we carry with us all the time allowing us to record video, has resulted in us being able to almost record life around us as it happens.

However the audio on these recordings is usually pretty bad.

The main reason for this is that these devices are designed to pick up sound directionally so that when you have the phone to your ear they pick up sound from your mouth.

This is not what is happening when you record video so by applying the simple technique in the video you can greatly improve your audio quality.

  • Professional Videographer Stephen Press Gives Some Good Advice for iPhone Audio

Most of us are using consumer level video recorder that capture audio into the same file as the video which eliminates the need for audio syncing.

One of the best ways to lift the quality of your videos is to lift the quality of your audio and this takes you into the filed of standalone audio recordings.

Although this results in much better audio and a much better viewing experience, at the editing level in it introduces the problem of syncing the video and audio tracks.

Here are a few simple tricks for doing just that.

  • Easy Peasy Way to Sync Audio and Video

One of the new features in the latest version of Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 is much greater control over using motion paths.

In this video you can learn how to customize your own motion paths using this new feature.

Last week I reported on YouTube introducing a new low-res standard of playback running at 144p which I guess may be of use to those with painfully slow internet connections.

Now they have decided to introduce a new “Tape Mode” which mimics VHS tape standards of twenty years ago.

I have no idea why and no idea how long it will last but clearly they have altogether too much time on their hands.

This is an interesting article from a “where are we going” perspective.

Netflix, one of the biggest paid streaming services around, have announced they are going with HTML5 as their video standard moving forward and are dropping the Microsoft developed Silverlight protocol.

I think the real message here is that HTML5 is looking like being the future for online video and maybe it’s time to start getting aboard that train.

A liitle late to the party but finally Sony are beginning to announce their intentions towrads the 4K market both in the camcorder arena and for playback.

This announcement effectively releases their 4K preferred codec into the hands of the consumer and prosumer market.

On top of that announcement they have also indicated they are committed to development of the 4K standard which hopefully will filter quickly down to us consumers and not just for the pros.

And finally on the subject of 4K resolution, it looks like Nikon may at last be entering the video market with their still cams.

Although they are years behind Sony and Canon in this area having never really gotten in to it in the first place another competitor is always welcome.

Having trouble getting you video to go viral beyond your immediate friends and family? Fear not! Now you can buy your way to success using Virool!

  • Virool: The Key to “Real” Viral Videos?

OK the Rule of Thirds comes from the composition of still photos but what is a video if not just a series of still photos taken and played back in sequence?

Although this post is aimed more at the video for business end of the spectrum it still contains some very good tips for any video maker trying to get a message across and get exposure.

And carrying on with that theme a great video tutorial from a guy that is making an impact as a presence on YouTube.

With an average of around 50,000 views per video it is well worth taking a look at how he is managing to get those kinds of audience numbers.

  • 5 Secrets to Build Solid YouTube Web Presence from the L.A. Beast

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